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Negotiation Skills and Mastery

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Course Description

Negotiation skills are the key to success whether you want to get the most from employees, drive harder bargains with vendors, charge what you are worth from customers or create value-adding strategic partnerships.

In this intensive program, you’ll spend much of your time actively negotiating with fellow classmates – experienced business managers from across India. Thus, you will develop a broad repertoire of negotiation skills across a wide variety of situations and negotiating environments.

The impact is immediate for you and your organization. Your confidence and capabilities grow as you become better equipped to resolve conflict, strengthen relationships while at the same time capturing greater value. You’ll identify your personal negotiating strengths and the areas where you can improve, learn one-one-one and team-on-team negotiation techniques, apply them in simulations and receive instant feedback on your performance.


  • Rethink your approach to negotiation – adapt your aims from adversarial to collaborative, from winning to problem-solving
  • Learn highly effective methods of interpersonal influence and persuasion
  • Develop and implement proven/powerful/effective negotiation strategies
  • Understand BATNAs, bottom lines and targets
  • Consider the challenges of managing a negotiating team
  • Remaining agile and focused in rapidly evolving situations
  • Establish trust and build coalitions
  • Handle one-to-one, multiparty and multi-issue negotiations
  • Gain advanced dispute resolutions techniques, including skills to use when negotiations break down
  • Broaden your understanding of the value and use of stronger negotiation skills

Key Takeaways

  • A better understanding of yourself as a negotiator
  • Greater confidence in the negotiating process
  • How to prepare for in any situation or environment
  • Finding the right balance between competitive and cooperative approaches
  • Create value by structuring win-win deals involving complex issues
  • Ways to think more broadly and creatively before and during the negotiation process
  • Techniques to diffuse potentially destructive, emotionally charged disputes

Who Should Attend

  • Professional negotiators such as purchasing managers, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, sales managers, media buyers, corporate lawyers, mediators and HR professionals
  • Managers who seek to improve their negotiation abilities and result
  • Government leaders and and NGO administrators


Steven G. Blum

Steven G. Blum has been teaching in the Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania since 1994. In addition to teaching semester-long courses for undergraduate and MBA students, Mr. Blum has taught in Wharton Executive Education programs, lectured and consulted widely, and frequently leads seminars and educational forums. Mr. Blum has won the prestigious William G. Whitney Award for outstanding teaching six times.

He holds the degrees of Masters of Laws and Juris Doctor. He also earned a Master’s Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and the Specialization in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution from the Program on Negotiation at Harvard. In addition to teaching and consulting, Steven maintains a practice of law and is a registered investment advisor. He has a strong research interest in the area of ethics and fiduciary duty. His book entitled Negotiating Your Investments was published by Wiley in April 2014.

  • Award-winning International Faculty from No. 1 ranked
    global business school
  • Convenient locations in downtown Mumbai and Gurugram
  • Improve your negotiation skills through challenging simulations & constructive feedback
  • Learn from successes and failures to build practical skills that you can take back to your work environment