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Gurugram, India

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Course Description

Competitive advantage is not just hard to achieve - it's difficult to maintain, especially in times of upheaval and uncertainty. How can one compete, when winning is the only acceptable alternative?

In this program, participants leverage the latest thinking on how to stay competitive in cut-throat markets. You'll realize practical insights through in-depth examination of other leading companies and why specific strategies fail while others succeed. By applying principles extracted from military strategy, you will sharpen analytical abilities, learn to take advantage of growth opportunities and sidestep strategic mistakes.

Upon completion of the program, you leave with a clear competitive strategy for your organization and a powerful action plan to make the most of your competitive strengths.


  • The dynamics of competition
  • Eight sources of competitive advantage
  • Technology as the key driver of marketplace evolution
  • Key frameworks for strategic decision making including SWOT, Issue trees, decision trees, strategic situation analysis
  • Leveraging operational advantages to compete
  • The game of economic competition
  • The product life cycle , product evolution cycle, and the competitive entry cycle
  • Mapping market structure
  • Predicting market evolution
  • Balancing the product portfolio
  • Competing on value

Key Takeaways

  • The principles that rule marketplace competition, and how to use them to gain strategic advantage
  • Calculating who deserves to win
  • How to dissect competitive marketplaces
  • The key tools to unlock your strategic situation

Who Should Attend

  • Mid-Senior level Executives
  • Vice Presidents or General Managers
  • Managers of sales, marketing, finance, operations and other functional areas who aspire to take on strategy-focussed responsibilities, and strategy consultants alike.


John A. Czepiel

John A. Czepiel is a professor of marketing and Stern Teaching Excellence Fellow at the LeonardN. Stern School of Business at New York University. In addition to John's Competitive Marketing Strategy course being the most popular advanced marketing elective for over a dozen years earning him the school's Excellence in Teaching Award, he has also been named the Best Professor in Stern's top-ranked Executive M.B.A. Program for four years. Named the Best Professor in Stern's top-ranked Executive M.B.A. Program for four years, he has also been cited in Business Week's Guide to the Best Business Schools as one of Stern's Outstanding Faculty. With numerous publications and extensive experience as a consultant and educator in industry, Professor Czepiel has been listed in “Who’s Who in the East.” Known for being adept at penetrating complex issues, the framing of the decisions such issues require, and in designing processes for their resolution, Professor Czepiel is known for his trademark motto: "Fight Fair But Avoid Fair Fights."

To read more on John A. Czepiel’s bio, please download the brochure.

  • Strategy Formulation Project
  • Project Review (live online webinar)
  • Award winning international faculty
  • Case Method pedagogy including cutting edge international and practical take on Indian case
  • Best-in-class curriculum
  • Customized action plan for growth in your organization
  • Blended learning experience for the best of all worlds
  • Easy to track learning outcomes
  • 24/7 access to cutting-edge training resources
  • Latest delivery technology & infrastructure
  • Rigorous participant selection to ensure dynamic & diverse peer group
  • Easily accessible learning centers in central downtown locations
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