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Gurugram, India

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Course Description

Branding is a new word given to an age-old concept. While its role in 21st Century business practice remains undisputed, new frontiers have emerged in a world beset with hyper-competition, economic contraction and new technologies. Will brands remain relevant and continue to stimulate customer choice, forming the basis for sustained profitability? What will constitute the cornerstones of effective brand management for business success?

The seminar focuses executive energies towards both strategic decision making and execution challenges, drawing on emerging thought, methods, and practical experiences.


  • Why brand?
  • Are brands required for every business?
  • The "iceberg" decision framework
  • 6 silver bullets for winning I 4 sinkholes for losing with brands
  • Winning & keeping brand loyalty
  • Global branding strategies
  • Integrating brands following business integration/ M&A
  • Brands in the New World Order
    (internet, social media, etc.)

Key Takeaways

  • Cost/benefits of branding
  • Brand creation, adaptation , growth & damage recovery
  • Loyalty: the missing link between attitude & behavior
  • Determining the global strategy-brand fit
  • Four branding architectures

Who Should Attend

  • Mid - to upper - level executives who have brand management responsibility in their organizations
  • Non-marketing leaders who wish to learn effective brand management strategies
  • Executives from a wide range of industries such as consumer goods/services, pharma/ healthcare, media, technology and B2B services I products. Anyone who owns or manages a brand can benefit from the program, including brand investors (e.g., private equity).


Kunal Basu

Kunal Basu is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing at Said Business School and a Research Fellow of Templeton College. He has published extensively in the areas of brand strategy, brand loyalty, international marketing, consumer behavior and advertising with his research on customer loyalty in 1994 winning the Sheth award for the best journal article from the Academy of Marketing Science. He has been rated among the top 100 management scholars (Thought Leaders Network, 2003) and actively involved in Executive Education for more than a decade. Leading the redesign of the School's flagship open enrolment executive course, the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Program (OAMLP), he designed the architecture to develop an understanding of critical business themes rather than functions, with the integration of concepts, contexts and competencies, encompassing cutting edge thinking from a variety of disciplines outside management.

To read more on Kunal Basu’s bio, please download the brochure.

  • Group work and Analysis
  • Evening plenary presentations by leading industry practitioners
  • Award winning international faculty
  • Case Method pedagogy including cutting edge international and practical take on Indian case
  • Best-in-class curriculum
  • Customized action plan for growth in your organization
  • Blended learning experience for the best of all worlds
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  • 24/7 access to cutting-edge training resources
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  • Rigorous participant selection to ensure dynamic & diverse peer group
  • Easily accessible learning centers in central downtown locations
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