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15 Jun 2017

Cause Marketing: Faux, Optional or Essential?

An elementary-school girl in a skirt and pony-tail stares up at the mighty Charging Bull – under the New York sun, in extreme cold and amidst heavy snowfall. She’s the Fearless Girl who’s been placed on Wall Street to “remind us that today’s working woman is here to stay”. State

29 May 2017

To Internet and Beyond In Homage to Marketing: From www. to IoT

Philip Kotler surmised marketing as “the science and art of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit”. In continuation of the definition, he acknowledged the importance of segmentation, targeting, positioning, needs, wants, demand, offerings, brands, value and

17 April 2018

White Paper: Entry-Level Managers Program

Instead of getting work done through their own personal efforts, new managers must shift gears to achieve results through the performance of their team. New responsibilities such as making time for subordinates, coaching team members, etc. have suddenly become critical for achieving success.

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