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24 Sep 2018

Skills Required for New-Age Supply Chain Managers

With the emerging technological advancements and fundamental shifts in supply chain activities, it is safe to say that the supply chain landscape is not the same as it was a decade ago. New evolutions in technology such as 3-D printing, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things

10 Sep 2018

Simple ways to improve your public speaking skills

When it is time to climb the corporate ladder, one of the most sought after skills that will help you on your ascent is the art of public speaking. Be it pitching your ideas in a meeting or motivating the team; speaking effectively is the key to connect with your audience.

07 Sep 2018

Artificial Intelligence: On its Way to Changing Businesses and Everyday Life

Machines emulating human interactions was just an idea once confined to Sci-Fi movies. However, since the dawn of the ‘intelligent machines’ in 1950s, science has come quite far in making Artificial Intelligence (AI) a ubiquitous reality today. From voice-powered personal assistants such as Apple’s

09 Apr 2018

First-Time Managers: The Most Critical Leadership Transition

Individual contributors who produce great results are often promoted to managerial positions. At this point, it’s natural to celebrate, sit back, and think that you “have it made,” but nothing could be farther from the truth…
More than 50% of first-time managers receive lower

28 Mar 2018

5 Golden Rules to Manage and Lead Effectively

With a continuously evolving environment and multiple business functions at the workplace, every professional today can expect to assume the responsibility of a leader at some point in their career. Irrespective of the position you hold currently, there will come a time when it

24 Jun 2017

The Remarkable Coke Story: Becoming the World’s Favorite Cola

From selling just 9 drinks per day in their first year to a billion-dollar brand, Coca-Cola has done global marketing right. Delivering happiness and turning strangers into friends are one of the many things Coca Cola takes pride in doing. Today, more than 200 countries drink 1.9 billion cans

17 April 2018

White Paper: Entry-Level Managers Program

Instead of getting work done through their own personal efforts, new managers must shift gears to achieve results through the performance of their team. New responsibilities such as making time for subordinates, coaching team members, etc. have suddenly become critical for achieving success.

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