Career programs are primarily long duration and can be a general management program or a targeted sectoral/functional program like healthcare management or analytics. These programs are targeted at working professionals at various levels of management who are primarily focusing on elevation in their role and taking the next leap.

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Today’s business leaders are confronted with unprecedented change and volatility. Because the construct of business has transformed, theories and models that guided decision making in the past are no longer as relevant as they once were.

This new climate requires leaders and decision-makers who possess interdisciplinary insight and expertise beyond the narrow functions they inhabited in the past. They must be able to understand the entire business from multiple perspectives and address complex challenges and the risks that their organizations face.

The Cornell Executive Management Program is designed to accelerate the development process so that employees and companies quickly benefit from broadly trained leaders who are ready to assume new and higher challenges within their companies. CEMP is a comprehensive general management program that provides you with the core competencies to manage a business.

In addition, you receive a series of in-country courses as well as shorter application- based courses that provide you with insights into current management trends and best practices delivered by a combination of experienced and well-respected Cornell professors, instructors, and professionals. The program complements functional understanding with a holistic approach to help you build business acumen.


  • Convenient learning platform so you can 'learn while you earn' in a hybrid manner, including synchronously delivered online content combined with face-to-face in-country seminars
  • Instructional breadth and depth that only a world-class Ivy-League university can provide
  • High-quality education with a focus on theory and practice so that you can gain 'knowledge that works'
  • Five-day U.S.-based on-campus immersion includes both a leadership program and a business simulation

2Emerging Leaders Management Acceleration Program India


Emerging leaders and professionals, who are experts in one area, are often limited by their ability to work with managers across functions. This affects their potential for senior management responsibilities, which are inherently cross-functional.

The course has been designed with the objective to familiarize participants with key aspects of management and leadership. Participants gain knowledge about critical business functions which will help them develop appropriate leadership skills to drive results and execute business strategies effectively.