Why innovation matters?

As the speed of change in business accelerates, the marketplace has become increasingly volatile. Organizations that will succeed are the ones who are able to quickly adapt, evolve and stay ahead of their competition.

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In order to survive in today’s complex world, the organization best equipped to thrive are the ones who generate, embrace and execute new ideas.

-Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

Innovation by design

Gain deeper insights into what your customers truly need, generate more creative ideas and develop prototypes to quickly gather feedback and bring more innovative products and services to market faster.

Jumpstart your innovation journey:

By nominating a team to this project based learning journey that can create a positive impact on your business. As part of the program, the participants will:

  • Work on a business problem specific to the organization
  • Learn the principles of design thinking from IDEO U
  • Apply the newly acquired knowledge in fieldwork through meeting real customers
  • Receive expert guidance from Pearson’s business coach
  • Involve your business leaders to iterate on your prototypes
  • Present your comprehensive plan of action to your leadership team

Experiential Learning

Your team works on a real-world business challenge to sharpen their creative problem solving skills. They put their learnings directly into action and receive feedback from Pearson's business coaches to deepen their practice.



Seeing things done differently will challenge your assumptions and reframe your thinking. Through a series of 3-5 minute videos, you’ll learn key skills and mindsets and how to take action and apply these to your day-to-day work.

Building creative leadership skills requires practice and being pushed outside your comfort zone. We believe in learning by doing. Assignments invite you to try new skills in both online activities and offline through real-world projects.
Sharing deepens learning and invites new perspectives that expand your thinking and push you to bold new ideas. You’ll complete assignments on your own, but share with others from your organization and across the IDEO U community to gather feedback.
Self-reflection produces iterative learning and is core to developing creative leadership skills. You’ll be encouraged to reflect on what you’re learning and begin incorporating these newly minted skills into your day-to-work.


'Innovation by Design' is a kick-starter to create real business impact for the organization. The program is a good choice for organizations that want to keep innovation as a core part of their approach to business.

The ideal starting point includes choosing a tangible, but manageable, business problem and nominating a cross-functional team of high potentials who can move the needle for your organization.

As an example, a business challenge for a financial services company may be, 'How might we get financial planning advice to those who need it most?' And the right team members could include people from product, finance, technology, legal and operations.


Develop skillsets and
mindsets to support
Grow your
teams creative
problem solving
Empower your
team with
hands-on learning
to apply
practical design
thinking methods
to day to day
Execute bold new
ideas by building
creative confidence
using IDEO’s proven
approach to

Meet the IDEO Experts


Brendan Boyle believes that play is the key to innovation. This philosophy guides his work as a toy inventor, consulting associate professor at Stanford University’s d.School, & Partner at IDEO. He founded the Toy Lab to explore kid-centered solutions to the challenge of boredom.



Coe Leta is the Co-Managing Director of IDEO U. As an instructor of Insights for Innovation, she teaches global audiences the skills of design thinking, human-centered research, rapid prototyping, and storytelling. Since joining IDEO in 2006, she's led numerous creative teams across diverse organizations including Microsoft, Target, Intel, Wells Fargo, Ford, eBay, Hasbro, Sesame Street, and Government and Healthcare groups.



Jane Fulton Suri is a Partner and Chief Creative Officer at IDEO. Jane founded IDEO’s practice of human-centered insights, pioneering approaches that spread throughout organizations across the globe. To increase access to this approach, Jane published IDEO’s Method Cards & Thoughtless Acts? Observations on Intuitive Design, a collection of snapshots that depict the subtle & creative ways in which people interact with the world.


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